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Our service is a public record search platform that allows you to swiftly conduct a background search on individuals you are familiar with. You can easily obtain information on nearly anyone in the United States, including their criminal records, arrest records, relevant court documents, addresses, true age, and any known aliases.

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Do you suspect that someone you know has a hidden history of theft or violence? The most convenient method to discover the truth is by utilizing our background search application. Our application enables you to perform a background search or search for public arrest records with ease. You can access information on misdemeanor and felony offenses, as well as other criminal activity. This allows you to determine whether the individual has previously been arrested, charged, or incarcerated. If you want to learn if there are any former inmates, felons, or rapists in your neighborhood, our application is the perfect solution. Simply search their criminal records to uncover the truth.

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Accessing public records can be a difficult and time-consuming process. You may need to submit a written request to a local county clerk, and if you need to search for someone in a different state, you may even have to travel there in person. Fortunately, our background search application eliminates this hassle and makes it simple to access people's information, even if they are in a different state.

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